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A complete overhaul of the website! Everything has been redesigned from the ground up. Have a look at the completely new look & feel of my website! Feedback is greatly appreciated. You can give your opinions on discord. - federal1000

Whats new in .6?

+ New dark mode demo (0.6)
+ Fixed thumbnail page (from version on mobile (0.6)

+ Completely unrelated but i sold my phone lol (0.5)
+ New thumbnail page (0.5)
+ Mobile UI changes (0.4)

Past version

+Got the domain!
+New buttons

+Changed Portfolio UI
+Fixed incorrect text
+Added new & better looking reviews in "about"
+Fixed fitment
+Added waiting beforecontinuing to photoshops
+New and improved mobile interface


Past version


+Added reviews in "About"
+Slight button update in portfolio
+Redesigned top bar
+Added reviews in "about"
+Fixed fitment
+Removed Watermarks

Past version


+Fixed errors in the photoshop section
+Fixed mobile fitment
+Fixed mobile loading
+Added a secret menu ;)
+Combined Vision Pro photoshops


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