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What is distinguished?

Federate Distinguished is a platform that allows ER:LC servers to have their drivers pre-checked for a Federate score. This score determines whether or not they're allowed to operate certain vehicles in certain supported servers. This essentially allows these servers to have a greater understanding of drivers. This system would greatly benefit realistic RP servers because it enables them to verify whether or not a player meets the necessary criteria to operate vehicles within their server, making it an overall greater experience for everyone playing.

Practical Applications

DOT Vehicles

Servers can use the Federate score to determine whether a player is qualified to operate Department of Transportation (DOT) vehicles. This ensures that only authorized drivers handle these specialized vehicles.


For law enforcement, the Federate score helps servers regulate who can engage in high-speed pursuits and operate certain police vehicles. 


Servers may restrict access to supercars or high-performance vehicles based on the Federate score. Players must meet certain criteria to unlock the privilege of operating these exclusive vehicles.

Already being tested!

We're already trying out Distinguished in Waterloo Regional Roleplay. You can check them out below.



Waterloo Regional Roleplay

How much does it cost?

With the current base, federate distinguished is free.

But there's a catch.

The process operates such that individuals don't need to undergo separate tests to evaluate their suitability for specific roles. Achieving a favorable score on the primary federate test signifies sufficient proficiency to handle any high-speed vehicle. During our hosted sessions, members can undergo testing to assess their competence in operating particular vehicles

This does however remain subject to change. Given the continuous growth and expansion of Federate, scalability is not an issue. Anticipate our forthcoming release of comprehensive police driving courses, instructional videos, and similar resources tailored for DOT members and more.

To become a Federate Distinguished server, open a support ticket and provide details about your server. This encompasses aspects such as general infrastructure, staffing, and membership count.

(THIS WILL CHANGE! Federate Distinguished may become a paid service, and seperate courses for different jobs may be added.)

Keep in mind

Federate distinguished is still under construction. Nothing is finished yet. You'll see an announcement regarding this sometime soon, and potentially a release date.

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