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Use of 3rd part Assets

I have started incorporating third-party assets into my creative process as of the 26th of July, 2023. While my standard practice involves crafting all assets individually, recent exploration of advanced techniques within the Procreate app has led me to acknowledge the occasional necessity of utilizing third-party resources. These assets primarily encompass elements such as fire, water, and other intricate components that are challenging to replicate manually.

For commissioned projects, rest assured that, by default, all assets will be exclusively handcrafted. In instances where the integration of third-party assets becomes imperative, I will seek explicit approval from the client. Should the client prefer the exclusion of third-party resources, I am committed to manually creating the asset to the best of my capabilities.

In cases where third-party assets are employed, extensive modifications, including adjustments such as blur, bloom, and lighting enhancements, will be applied to ensure a unique and personalized outcome. Clients who make a purchase are entitled to request that all assets be exclusively handcrafted. It is important to note that such customization may result in a longer turnaround time for the completion of the order.

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