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Let's get you ready for the session.

Before we begin,

You will be appointed a blue dodge charger by staff. Wait your turn, as other people may be taking the test at the same time as you. Expect a large queue as this is launch day. Everyone wants to get rated at the same time.

You MUST watch these videos before taking the test. The code will be revealed when you've watched them all.

If you get a low score because you mess up the test by doing it incorrectly, you're at fault. Remember, you must be in our group to join.

Pre-session check


Watch this video to see what you have to do.

Headphone warning: Music

When you join,


Get in your appointed vehicle. Then, park up against the barrier.

Your instructor will approach your vehicle and welcome you. Watch the video for a quick overview of what you're supposed to do. If you fail this test because you went too slow or did the test wrong entirely, we are not liable. It is your fault if you fail. You must agree to watch the videos. Remember, the point of this test is to complete it as fast as possible without hitting anything. Scroll for the next step.

Once you've done that,


Stop at the next barrier.

You're about to complete the overtaking test.

Doin' good!


Continute down the road. Merge into the left lane, and prepare for...

The parking test. You must complete a reverse parking.

Nearly there!


Get ready for the centering/spacing test.

You must stay as centered as possible. 

The last part! (Cancelled)


Get ready for the braking test.

An obstacle will randomly appear, and you must stop.




Session Join Code

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