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The newest addition to the website! Here you can see some of the thumbnails I've made for some relatively large youtubers in the past month.

If you press any of the images, you will be sent to their respective videos. Except for the top one which is an upcoming cinemtic by OMB gaming, idk whats taking so long lol

All of the thumbnails (except for the last one, that one was rendered in blender and edited further in procreate) are hand made and shaded. The shadows @ lighting were not rendered using any type of 3D software.

Now... The website will look bad if this side is just empty. So, I'm gonna use ChatGPT to fill this space in lol

Creating my distinctive thumbnails involves a meticulous process that centers around the utilization of Procreate on my iPad Pro. This digital medium grants me an unparalleled degree of control and flexibility, enabling me to breathe life into each thumbnail through intricate hand shading. The iPad Pro's responsive touch interface and the precision of the Apple Pencil permit me to seamlessly translate my creative vision onto the screen, as if I were working with traditional tools. With each stroke of the pencil, I imbue the thumbnails with a unique interplay of light and shadow, meticulously layering tones to achieve a nuanced depth that captivates the viewer's gaze. The Procreate platform, replete with an array of brushes and customizable settings, facilitates the recreation of traditional shading techniques, while simultaneously offering the advantage of digital fluidity. This dynamic fusion of old and new allows me to experiment with shading styles that span the artistic spectrum, from classic cross-hatching to contemporary gradient blending. The ability to zoom in to minute details and zoom out for a holistic view enhances my efficiency and precision, resulting in thumbnails that resonate with an unparalleled level of intricacy. Ultimately, my process of hand shading thumbnails in Procreate on my iPad Pro encapsulates the synergy between technology and artistry, yielding visuals that are not just thumbnails, but expressive masterpieces borne from the convergence of innovation and imagination.

Thats alot. Doubt anyone will actually read that lol. If you're interested in getting a thumbnail done, shoot a message on discord @ federal1000. I usually dont charge for this! (at the moment atleast lol)

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