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Before you purchase an ad,

Read over this important information.

  • All graphic designs & ads must be approved. We offer free custom made graphics that follow the federate branding if you'd like to include it.

  • Your server must have more than 50 members

  • Your server must be relatively active.

Ad requirements

Read over this important information.

  • Your ad must be 600+ characters long.

  • You must not pay before opening a ticket.

  • Your ad must NOT be an embed. Standard message format.






Operating on a tight budget but still aiming to expand your membership base? Look no further than our budget-friendly option. This one includes: No ping, 8 hour clearance, but does include custom graphics that are designed to match the Federate branding.





If you're still eager to attract members without breaking the bank, our PRO plan is tailored just for you. This package offers: @here ping, which mentions all online players, and a 1 day clearance period where no other ads will be posted so that your ad stays higher for longer,





Looking to really get members? This exclusive promotion offers several key benefits, including: Everyone ping, 2 day clearance period where no other ads will be posted so that your ad stays higher for longer, and a group shout short ad in the roblox group.

Can't wait? Purchase priority queue!


If you are planning on purchasing anything, open a ticket first!

Here are a few things to note.

If you're interested, we provide free, complimentary custom-made graphics tailored specifically for your advertisement. These graphics are designed to reflect Federate's branding, incorporating the distinctive blue color scheme. In the event that your graphic doesn't meet Federate's approval, you'll have the option for us to revise it accordingly.

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