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Hey there! I'm federal. You might've seen my work from anything OMB related, or the PRC discord.


I do photoshops, logos, thumbnails & more.


You can see some of my work using these options I've put below. 

(I also founded and run federate)

Designer at OMB Designs

Thumbnail maker for OMB Gaming

I’ve made some thumbnails for OMB gaming.

You can see them in the “Thumbnails” section.

I originally started making photoshops & logos back in 2018. My dad had just bought the new iPad Pro, which I snatched and never gave back. My mom purchased “Procreate”, which is what I still use to make all of my projects today. Because of my years of experience, I’ve been able to sneak in some OMB & Ruffles photoshops videos.

Creators & Studios I've worked with:

OMB gaming - Thumbnails

Officerjohn - Thumbnails

OMB designs - Logos

Law Country RP - Logos

IMG_5760 3_edited.png

These are variations of a logo designed for an upcoming ER:LC roleplay server named "Serenora".

I All of the assets that are seen in my logos are hand made. I usually don't use third party decals. See more

Looking for federate? Well let's go!

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